The Launch

Welcome to the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty’s blog. We’re excited to use this new platform to tell you more about how and why the Law Center is working to end homelessness in America.

The current U.S. foreclosure and economic crises are fueling dramatic surges in homelessness. Before the crises, up to 3.5 million Americans experienced homelessness each year. Now, that number is projected to rise by another 2 million. And these figures include only those who are literally homeless–not those doubled up or on the brink of literal homelessness.

We can, and must, do something to ensure that everyone in America has decent, affordable housing. The Law Center is deeply committed to that goal.

If you’re just learning about the Law Center, visit our website to read more.

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One Response to The Launch

  1. Diane Nilan says:

    While we will hold back on doing double-back-flips for now, this news is welcomed! Good work on this! Sure hope you can continue to make progress.


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