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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Homeless man finds, returns $1,440 cash. Homeless man seeks accidental donor of diamond ring. Homeless man returns lost laptop and money. Homeless man returns wallet full of cash. Homeless man returns lost paycheck. All of these are news headlines that … Continue reading

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When There’s No Alternative: Rights to Water & Sanitation

What’s something we do each day, but rarely think about, let alone discuss in public? Going to the bathroom. But when you’re homeless or poor, what most people take for granted can be a huge challenge, even a life-altering decision. … Continue reading

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Things Come Apart

“I ain’t got no family.  Father’s dead.  Mother’s dead.  Never had any friends.  What I got is God, and he blesses everybody – only some don’t want to wait.  I’ll wait.  Freezing my ass off, but I’ll wait.” In November, … Continue reading

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Race and Foreclosure

February is Black History Month, and though the Law Center is mindful of how race intersects our work all year ‘round, I’d like to take the opportunity afforded by the holiday to blog about one particular aspect of race and … Continue reading

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Have a Heart, Save Our Homes

It will be a bitter-sweet Valentine’s Day for many across the country who have already lost their homes due to the foreclosure and economic crises, but should the budget proposals put forth by the House come to pass, things will … Continue reading

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Sometimes Victims, Sometimes Oppressors

In a previous legal internship at Neighborhood Legal Services Association in Pittsburgh, PA, I specialized in representing low-income tenants in housing cases. From the beginning, I was eager to take on landlords, who I saw as the evil oppressors of … Continue reading

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Choosing Between Violence and Homelessness

Before joining the Law Center, I provided legal assistance and representation to low-income individuals fleeing domestic violence.  I helped them obtain protective orders against their abusers, win financial support for their mutual children, and fight for child custody when necessary. … Continue reading

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