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Denying The Right To Vote

Welcome to the 2012 election. In states across the country, Republican controlled legislatures are passing bills that would restrict the ability of homeless and low income Americans to vote. Rejecting an amendment to allow homeless persons to vote with an … Continue reading

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What Could You Do With $400 Million?

In a recent series of cover stories, the Washington Post reported that over $400 million in federal HUD HOME funds meant to help local communities build affordable housing for low-income people has gone missing.  This is a terrible thing.  It’s … Continue reading

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Knock knock. Who’s There?

Knock knock. Who’s there? For tenants living in foreclosed property, this isn’t a joke. Renters make up 40% of the households at risk of eviction due to foreclosure, and many of these families don’t know who will confront them the … Continue reading

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Glee Gets it Right

On Tuesday night, FOX TV hit Glee presented its nearly 9 million viewers with a second lesson on homelessness – offering a realistic picture of what family homelessness often looks like in the current housing crisis. Sam, a new transfer … Continue reading

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National Forum on the Human Right to Housing

The National Forum on the Human Right to Housing, to be held June 7-8 at the Thurgood Marshall Center in Washington, D.C., couldn’t come at a better time. There’s an obvious disconnect between Washington rhetoric and the American story.  As … Continue reading

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