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New Report Shows Millions of Renters at Risk of Eviction and Homelessness

When the foreclosure crisis began in 2008, the national spotlight was on homeowners.  But research shows that 40 percent of families facing eviction due to foreclosures are renters.  And over the last three years, the total numbers of renters affected … Continue reading

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Homelessness & Human Rights Day

December 10 is Human Rights Day, a global day of recognition of the basic rights that are fundamental to all human beings.  At the Law Center, we’re taking the opportunity to update our report card on U.S. compliance with the … Continue reading

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The Compassion Deficit: Sidewalk Bans and Criminalizing America’s Homeless

Over the last few years, policymakers across the country have cracked down on homeless Americans, introducing measures that make life an even greater struggle for some of our most vulnerable citizens.  These include laws that prohibit sleeping or storing belongings … Continue reading

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