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Positive Decision in Anti-Camping Challenge in Boise

Earlier this month, the Ninth Circuit issued a positive decision in the Law Center’s anti-camping/sleeping challenge, Bell v. City of Boise.  In partnership with Idaho Legal Aid Services and Latham & Watkins, the Law Center brought the case in October 2009 on … Continue reading

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Reflections from a Project LEARN Volunteer

Project LEARN (Lawyers Education Access Resource Network) is a cutting-edge initiative of the Law Center. It is designed to ensure children who are homeless have a stable school life by training lawyers across the country on homeless children’s rights and … Continue reading

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Annual Homeless Count Doesn’t Tell The Whole Story

At the end of January, public officials and volunteers in communities across the county fanned out, over the course of night, to count the number of homeless persons staying outdoors or in other locations not fit for human habitation (including … Continue reading

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PIT Count 2013 – Experience, Thoughts and Reflections

Our team began our count around midnight. The weather was warm for a winter night, but rainy – and on the heels of several very cold days. There were approximately 10 of us – an outreach worker and ten volunteers. … Continue reading

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Federal Court Victory for Homeless Advocates Seeking Unused Federal Property

After years of legal advocacy by the Law Center, a federal court has ruled that the U.S. government is not meeting its obligations under Title V of the McKinney-Vento Act.  Under Title V, the federal government is obligated to offer … Continue reading

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2012 Pro Bono Successes

Dear Friends, The numbers are now in, and I’m happy to announce that donated legal services NLCHP topped $6 million in 2012, a record breaking contribution to our work to prevent and end homelessness. Each year, more than 3.5 million … Continue reading

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Strength In Numbers: State Laws Increasing VAWA Protections

On Thursday, March 7, President Barack Obama signed into law the renewed Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The new legislation will grant $659 million to support VAWA programs during a five year period. The legislation would also provide new protections … Continue reading

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We Are Alive

Editor’s Note: This is the final part of a series, following The Drifting Dark. “It’s about the only thing I got.  ’Cause I’ve sinned, man.  Damn, have I sinned.  And been sinned against.” It’s been a year since I last … Continue reading

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Houston Conference Advances Rights of Homeless Youth

On January 25, Law Center Director of Human Rights & Children’s Rights Programs Eric Tars gave the keynote address at the Educational Forum on Homeless Youth in Houston, Texas, hosted by One Voice Texas (OVT). He educated participants about the rights of … Continue reading

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Criminalization of Homelessness Has Serious Human Rights Implications

In partnership with the Yale Law School Lowenstein Human Rights Clinic and UC Irvine Human Rights Clinic, the Law Center has submitted a report  to the UN Human Rights Committee as it prepares for its review of U.S. compliance with the International Covenant … Continue reading

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