Moving Forward in 2017 – How You Can Help

  • Educate yourself and others. Peruse our web site, participate in our webinars, read our reports – and then share information about the Law Center’s work with others.
  • Use social media to help drive attention to our critical work. Follow the Law Center on twitter @NLCHPhomeless and the Housing Not Handcuffs Campaign @HNHCampaign – please re-tweet our posts and encourage others to follow the Law Center on social media.
  • Speak out. Please contact your representatives in government. Contact your Senators and congresspersons about the critical need for affordable housing and stand up for the rights of people experiencing homelessness—including access to education for homeless children and youth. Weigh in at the state and local level too.
  • If you work for a law firm or corporate legal department, you can volunteer to do pro bono work. Many of our pro bono partners support the Law Center through our Lawyers’ Executive Advisory Partners (LEAP) program. LEAP members receive priority selection of the Law Center’s pro bono work—including cutting edge, precedent-setting projects that address systemic injustices and help prevent and end homelessness. You can learn more by visiting
  • Donate financially. Your support helps the Law Center provide legal support to local partners, train schools and communities about education rights, and advocate on behalf of people experiencing homelessness. Financial gifts to the Law Center have a high impact: every dollar is multiplied three or more times over in pro bono contributions.
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