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We Are Alive

Editor’s Note: This is the final part of a series, following The Drifting Dark. “It’s about the only thing I got.  ’Cause I’ve sinned, man.  Damn, have I sinned.  And been sinned against.” It’s been a year since I last … Continue reading

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Housing is a Right

One of Robert  Frost’s poems includes this exchange, part of a winter conversation between a farmer and his wife: “Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in.” “I should have called … Continue reading

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Using Privilege To Give Voice To The Vulnerable

Editor’s note: The author composed this piece in mid-January, on one of the coldest days of the month. With the wind chill, it’s about 15 degrees outside this morning.  This week is shaping up to be the coldest DC has … Continue reading

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Domestic Violence a Leading Cause of Homelessness for Women and Youth

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and it’s an important occasion for anyone concerned about homelessness.  As we note below, domestic violence is a leading cause of homelessness—for women, in particular, as well as unaccompanied youth.  For many, the only … Continue reading

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Poverty & Politics: Three Things Obama and Romney Must Address Tonight

Join us on Twitter tonight, as Law Center Policy Director Jeremy Rosen “live-tweets” during the presidential debate at 9 pm EST.  Use hashtag #TalkPoverty. With the presidential election less than six weeks away, President Barack Obama and former Governor Mitt … Continue reading

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New Poverty Data Sobering, Reveals Need for Government Programs

This month, the Census Bureau released data on poverty in 2011.  If you turned on the news, you might have missed the stories on this.  That’s because they weren’t there.  There was important and somber news from the Middle East, … Continue reading

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Youth and Children the Focus of Federal Plan to End Homelessness Amendment

An update to the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness’ Federal Strategic Plan to Prevent and End Homelessness, released on September 12, provides more detail on what must be done for young people experiencing homelessness, including unaccompanied youth. The amendment to … Continue reading

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Voter ID Laws Seek to Prevent Fraud That Doesn’t Exist, Could Disenfranchise Millions

As election season heats up, voter ID laws are in the news. This month’s issue of In Just Times raises important concerns about their impact on marginalized groups, and shows how this is part of a broader trend towards increasing … Continue reading

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New Report: 1.6 Million Homeless Youth Alone and At Risk on the Streets

A new report released today by the Law Center and the National Network for Youth reveals a disturbing truth: 1.6 million youth experience homelessness without a parent or guardian each year, facing numerous barriers to meeting basic needs. I’ve gotten … Continue reading

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Americans’ Voting Rights are Under Attack

Help the Law Center protect the right to vote! Voting rights are under attack in a way not seen in decades.  Right now, 44 states have current or pending voter ID laws that will make it difficult — or even … Continue reading

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