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Making Food Stamps More Useful

Recently, the National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty has joined a number of local and national groups to advocate for the expansion of the Restaurant Meals Program – a long-standing federal program that gives homeless, elderly, and disabled poor … Continue reading

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Things Come Apart

“I ain’t got no family.  Father’s dead.  Mother’s dead.  Never had any friends.  What I got is God, and he blesses everybody – only some don’t want to wait.  I’ll wait.  Freezing my ass off, but I’ll wait.” In November, … Continue reading

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The Truth About Panhandling

In today’s Washington Post, executive director Maria Foscarinis weighed in on an important discussion about panhandling, saying: “Each individual begging for change has his or her own story. Not all are virtuous, not all are truthful. Neither are many people. … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Hunger

With Thanksgiving now just hours away, most Americans are busy preparing for their most elaborate meal of the year.  Conversations at home and around the office are focused on food; we’re all talking about pie recipes or that timeless canned-versus-fresh-cranberry … Continue reading

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