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Voter ID Laws Seek to Prevent Fraud That Doesn’t Exist, Could Disenfranchise Millions

As election season heats up, voter ID laws are in the news. This month’s issue of In Just Times raises important concerns about their impact on marginalized groups, and shows how this is part of a broader trend towards increasing … Continue reading

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Americans’ Voting Rights are Under Attack

Help the Law Center protect the right to vote! Voting rights are under attack in a way not seen in decades.  Right now, 44 states have current or pending voter ID laws that will make it difficult — or even … Continue reading

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Denying The Right To Vote

Welcome to the 2012 election. In states across the country, Republican controlled legislatures are passing bills that would restrict the ability of homeless and low income Americans to vote. Rejecting an amendment to allow homeless persons to vote with an … Continue reading

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